Benefits of a water softener

What are the benefits of a water softener and having softened water in your house?

Benefits of a water softener

If you live in areas with hard water, it is beneficial to have a water softener system or conditioner installed in your house. 

The water softener or conditioner helps reduce the presence of the hard mineral in your water giving you soft water for daily home use.

Most people are aware of the mineral that makes water hard has no adverse effect on our health but can hurt your home appliances. 

Here are benefits of a water softener

  • Easier cleaning

Softened water helps the soap or detergent lathers easily which makes a lot easier to clean the sinks, bathtubs, and utensils.

Cleaning utensils, bathtubs, and sinks with softened water leave them shinier and cleaner.

 Since soft water does not form limescale, the bathtubs and sinks stay clean always making much easier during cleaning times you even don’t have to scrub them daily.

  • Saves money

Use of softened water helps the soap lather easily, therefore, reduce the amount of detergent you need for cleaning resulting in saving money.

  • Saves water

When using hard water to clean the surface or fabric, you must rinse several times so that it comes out clean, but when cleaning with softened water, you use lesser water for rinsing.

  • Save energy and power bills

The water heater can heat softened water faster than hard water, therefore, reduces energy consumption resulting in lower power bills.

Any house appliances that use water functions efficiently using soft water saving your energy bills.

  • Fabrics last longer and soft

Using hard water forces one to add excess detergent or harsh bleaches. The reaction between the chemicals and hard water causes the fabric to wear or tear up.

Minerals in hard water get stuck which makes them stiff and have a dull color. If you wash clothes with softened water, it will reduce clothes tearing up, making them look shinier and causing them last longer.

  • Increase water flow

Hard water leaves scales and mineral deposits in pipes and plumbing fixtures resulting in clogs and corrosion. As your pipes clog up the flow of water reduces by installing a water softener it clears the clogging and corrosion, therefore, increase water flow.

  • Save house replacement

Mineral’s presence in your hard water causes clogs and corrosion on the house fixtures. Over time the corroded part tears up wear out or cause permanent damage on your pipes. Installing a water softener reduces limescale build-up, therefore, saves house replacement.

  • Soft skin and hair

Hard water minerals block your skin pores and leave your skin dry the same case to your hair, but softened water allows your skin to produce natural oil leaving your skin and hair soft and shinier.

Also, it makes the color of your skin and hair looks bright therefore help preserve your body and hair oil.

The environmental benefits of a water softener

  • Extends the appliances life

House appliance such as dishwasher, washing machine, and water shower are in most contact with water. When you have hard water, they cause build up inside the appliances reducing the performance and even shorten their lifespan.  With softened water, they will last longer and increase their production.

Longer appliances life has the benefit to the environment since you are not replacing your house appliance more often you reduce waste, conserve raw material and energy used in manufacturing.

The excess amount of harsh chemical used for cleaning utensils, sinks, and bathtub goes down the drain. Installing water softener will help reduce the amount of detergent saving our rivers and streams where chemical degradation happens.

Although minerals present in hard water cause no harm to our health, for the sake of your home appliances installing a water softener has more benefit.

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