5 Benefits of Magnetic Water for Your Health and Wellbeing

Since water is paramagnetic, it can retain a magnetic charge and be magnetized. Water in lakes, wells, and flowing streams is naturally charged by the earth’s magnetic field. Water does, however, lose its magnetic charge as it travels through the treatment facilities and pipes. The natural energy and balance that nature intended are easily restored when water is treated with magnetic fields. When water is treated with magnetic fields, the natural energy and balance that nature intended are readily restored. Magnetic water is a type of water that has been exposed to a magnetic field. It is believed to have numerous health benefits. In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of magnetic water in detail.

Benefits of magnetic water

Magnetic water is obtained by using a magnetic water stick wand. There is another magnetic water treatment method for scale prevention where you pass water through magnetic water conditioners and electromagnetic water conditioners.

The use of a water conditioner does not help you obtain magnetic water but helps in reducing scale build-up.

When hard water passes through a magnetic and electronic water conditioner field the magnetic pulses alter the structure of the hard water minerals, therefore, losing the ability to create scale build-up on the plumbing and home appliances.

The use of a magnetic water stick wand is believed to provide magnetic water that has numerous health benefits which include:

Here are the benefits of magnetic water


The pH of magnetized water can reach 9.2, making it more alkaline; this allows the body to get rid of the toxins. 

It helps reduce acidity in the body, leading to a healthier lifestyle overall.

Improved dehydration

Magnets break down h20 cluster size into smaller molecules. Smaller molecules are easily absorbed by the body meaning you will dehydrate faster.

Improved digestion

The smaller molecules and simple absorption are also useful for absorbing any beneficial minerals the fluid may contain.

Boost immune system

Our bodies are in an acidic state, our immune systems can be weakened and we become more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. By drinking magnetic water, we can help reduce acidity levels in the body and strengthen our immunity.

Having a good immune system will help improve skin health, reduce the risk of certain diseases, and even help with weight loss.

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Best magnetic stick wand for Magnetized Drinking Water Treatment

Magnetic wand

magnetic wand

The magnetic wand is used to magnetize drinking water or any liquid beverage. 

This wand contains 2000 gauss surface strength that takes 30 seconds to change the polarity of water to multi-polarity.

Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand

Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand

Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand is used for magnetized drinking water.

This wand is 2″ (5cm) long and 5″(12.5cm) in diameter. It contains 12,500 gauss surface strength.

To obtain magnetized water you stir for 30 seconds for revitalized water.

is magnetized water safe to drink?

When water is exposed to magnetic fields there is an improvement in quality. This process changes the molecular structure of the water, making it more alkaline and reducing its surface tension. Because magnetized water is more alkaline and boosts our body’s pH, the body can more easily rid itself of contaminants. Therefore, drinking magnetized water is safe for humans and animals.

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