Best water socks reviews (updated in 2022)

Nothing disturbs like when you walk on a rainy or snow day; water trickles into your boots or shoes leaving your feet wet and freezing.  When in such circumstances there are best water socks that are made to protect your feet from rubbing raw and keep warm. 

Best water socks

When you walk through sand and water; the sand, dirt, grit, and water get into your shoes and constantly rub between wet shoes, and your feet end up having blisters and irritation.

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What are the water socks?

Water sock is a type of footwear that is worn to protect people’s feet where is likely to become wet.

They are made of nylon laminate neoprene rubber material that comes in one stretchable size that fits all.

The water sock was designed by entrepreneur Jaspreet Singh from Detroit.

He was tired of traditional sock that used to soak up water when walking around the home mostly from those annoying puddles from the shower.

This sock is designed to look like a standard cotton sock but is made of fine fibers with the hydrophobic material making them water-resistant.

Different between water socks and shoes

Water socks differ from water shoes.

Water socks don’t have a thick sole and sturdy upper like water shoes.

Water socks are designed to be worn on low impact areas and low-intensity situations such as saunas, showers, swimming pools, and water aerobics.

The water socks can also be worn on beaches to prevent bacterial infection and hot sands but can’t protect against rocks and sharp objects.

Water socks prevent stings from jellyfish which have to have skin to skin contact for it to sting.

The benefit of water socks

  • The socks are water-resistant your feet will stay dry and light.

Walking on muddy or during rainy seasons can become miserable using the traditional cotton socks

Traditional cotton socks become muddy and soak water causing them to be heavy therefore your feet become wet.

This is different from water socks.

Water socks are made of hydrophobic material which allows it easily shed any liquid like water, juice, wine, tomato sauce, or syrup.

  • The material easy to clean and dries quickly compared with a cotton sock.
  • The water socks are made of the material that is breathable. The water run-off the socks and allows sweat to escape.
  • Saves time

Come to think every time traditional cotton sock soak up water you have to change.

You end up having a pile of dirty socks to wash daily mostly if you have small children that do know how to take care of themselves.

  • Prevent from a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus

Traditional socks are made of cotton that absorbs water even when you sweat keeping your feet wet therefore increase a breeding zone for bacteria and fungus while else water socks are water-resistant and keep off sweat.

10 best water socks in 2021

Best water socks reviews

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Best neoprene water socks

  1. Seavenger Wetsuits Premium Neoprene Water Fin Sock 


  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Material: Neoprene and nylon
  • Size: XS-XXXL

The socks are perfect for walking over the sand, swimming, diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports.

It is made up of 90% neoprene and 10%nylon socks material which is quality material for those who like to wear foot pocket fins or as water-shoe liners and is four-way stretchable.

The 3-millimeter socks which are great insulation for warmth.

The neck is softly designed to prevent chaffing and easier donning and doffing

With dotted silkscreen sole, this is best for traction, therefore, it keeps you from falling or slipping.

All seams are glued blindstitched for durability and comfort.

Other Scavenger socks

Seavenger High Top SeaSnug Sand Socks for All Beach and Sand Activities

Seavenger SeaSnug Low Cut Sand Socks for All Beach and Sand Activities

  1. Tilos Neoprene Fin Socks


  • Thickness: 3mm
    Material: nylon II neoprene
  • Size: XS-2XL

The tilos socks are great liners for hunting or hiking boots.

It is a 3-millimeter neoprene sock that keeps feet warm.

The honeycomb silkscreen bottom provides traction

All seams are blindstitched and lay flat on the skin. The seams are glued to minimize water entry.

It is made up of nylon II neoprene which is durable and stretchy

The Tilos socks are a great liner for hunting or hiking boots.

  1. Akona Low Cut Socks


  • Thickness: 2mm
    Material: nylon II neoprene
  • Size: 2-13

It is a 2mm neoprene low cut dive socks.

The sock is made up of nylon II neoprene material.

With glue and blind stitched seams for a superior water seal

It is the best fitting for warmer diving and has sizes from 2-13.

  1. 101SNORKEL H20 Water Neoprene  Sock


  • Thickness: 2mm
    Material: neoprene
  • Size: XS-XL

It is 2mm neoprene low top socks with non-slip bottom best for use with full foot fins

The H20 sock is ideal for all water sports, snorkeling, fishing, swimming fins, on the boat, and water aerobics.

This product is also used by hunters inside their boots to keep feet warm and comes in Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

  1. NeoSport Wetsuits XSPAN 5mm Socks


  • Thickness: 5mm
    Material: neoprene
  • Size: XS-2XL

It is best for all aquatic sports, dive, snorkeling, surf, hunting surf and fly fishing

The socks can be worn with boots, street shoes, and waders

Made up of XSPAN material which is soft, comfortable and four-way Super Stretch foam neoprene.

5-mm thick neoprene allows the sock to provide ample thermal protection and comes in size XS to 2XL.

Slips on easily prevent chafing and has durable traction sole that helps you grip the boat deck, dock, or shore.

It can also be worn with regular dive booties, street shoes, waders for added warmth during cold water dives.

  1.  Micnaron Freehawk Freely water socks  


  • Thickness: 3mm
    Material: neoprene
  • Size: S-3XL

It is 3mm neoprene socks which are comfortable, flexible and durable

With an anti-slip bottom design for security when diving, snorkeling, yoga, or walking on a beach.

The sock is perfect for preventing your feet from cut, puncture, scratch, and cold water while snorkeling, kayaking, diving, boats, walking along beaches, and other water sports. You can use the sock to walk around the home.

Available sizes are 3Xlarge (28.5cm), XXlarge (26cm), small (19.5cm), medium (21.5cm), large (22.5cm) and Xlarge (24.5cm).

In addition to size, the sock is elastic so it can extend to 2cm large than before. Therefore if you have thin or slim feet you can choose fitting size while thick feet can choose the large size.

  1. Cressi ULTRA STRETCH SOCK, Elastic Water Sports Adult Socks

It is made up of synthetic fiber which is well known for quick drying and elasticity.

The CRESSI socks are best for swimming, diving, and snorkeling

The product is perfect for use inside boots for added comfort and warmth. Also, it can be used with full feet fin as they provide a snug fit while Scuba Diving, Freediving, Snorkeling, and Spearfishing. Also, they protect the user’s skin from discomfort caused by rubbing and chafing from the fin. It is also used by people who have sensitive feet.

The sock comes in size S, M, L, and XL. Each size fits a large range of sizes.

  1. FUN TOES 2.5MM Neoprene Socks 


  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Material: neoprene
  • Size: S-XL

2.5mm thick neoprene socks can be worn inside of skis, fins, and board at the same time keeping your feet warm.

The water socks feature grip sole to help prevent sliding and slipping on slippery surfaces. The sole is durable and extra-thick that provided added protection for your feet

This product is available in sizes that fit women, men, and kids. Also, you get two pairs of premium quality for the price of one.

The sock is suitable for activities such as snorkel socks, scuba socks, rafting socks, Jetskiing socks, kayaking socks, boarding socks, boating socks, wading socks, and Socks for sand sport.

It comes in four different sizes to choose S, M, L, and XL. Small size fits women who are size 6.6-8 and kid 4.5-6, medium size fit men who are size 7-8.5 and women 8.5-10, large size fit men who are size 9-10.5 and women 10.5-12, extra-large size fit men who are size 11-12.5.

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Kids water socks

  1. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks  


  • Thickness: N/A
  • Material: Polyester and rubber sole
  • Size-M

The L-RUN water sock is made of polyester and rubber sole. Both fabrics are durable and high stretch with strong wicking. The soft outer rubber is thick enough to prevent your feet from injury.

It is perfect for beach sport, yoga, running, swimming,  indoor and outdoor activities. It can also be worn while walking on the seaside, beach, pool, river or have a rest.

These water shoes have an anti-slip rubber sole with a shock absorption performance cushioning, ergonomically molded,  separated protective toe guard, and protect your feet from injury.

  1. CIOR Kids Skin Barefoot Shoes Aqua Socks 


  • Thickness: N/A
  • Material: blend Polyester, spandex, and rubber sole
  • Size-M

The CIOR water sock is made of polyester, spandex, and rubber sole. The material is lightweight and allows users to put on and off easily.

The rubber outsole is wearable and top quality material with non-slip effective protecting your feet maximally.

It comes in a different size that fits little kid and big kid. Also, men and women sizes are available.

The water sock is suitable for Beach, pool,   sailing, boating, swimming, windsurfing, Cycling, jogging, walking, fishing, weight training, beach volleyball, wake-boarding, gardening, lawn, car-washing, kayaking, and driving.

  1. JACKSHIBO Kids Water Shoes 

JACKSHIBO Kids Water Shoes is made of quality synthetic fabric that repels water and keeps the feet airy when out of the water. The stretchable material on the upper side allows for easy entry and exit.

In addition to the outer fabric, it has an elastic topline that provides a better fit and prevents shoes from sliding off from your child’s feet.

The sock features non-skid and thin sole which made of Textured TPR. The sole has good traction, and shock absorption, therefore, prevent your kid from sliding and slipping on wet road conditions. Also, stop the sand and mud from entering the skin shoes. Also, the TPR sole is unbroken when bent for several times and provide natural toe movement.

It is non-toxic shoe when the bare children’s feet directly contact the shoe won’t affect.

This shoe is ideal for use indoor and outdoor activities such as swimming, rafting, canoeing, boating, fishing, surfing, beach play, and water polo.

  1. VIFUUR Kids Girls Boys Water Shoes 

The VIFUUR Kids Girls Boys Water Shoes upper side is made of polyester which sturdy wicking fabric, dry quick, breathable, and stretchable.

The material is easily foldable and can be rolled into small piece and store it in your pocket.

It is made of rubber outsole that is thick enough to protect your kid’s feet from anything hard or hot.

The barefoot Aqua Socks shoes are great for Water Park, beach, swimming, pool, walking, jogging, fishing, yoga, and dance.


When to wear water socks

Water socks don’t have a sturdy sole like water shoes so they won’t protect rocky areas.

They are designed to be worn on low impact and intensity zone like:

  • Water Park
  • Beaches
  • Pool
  • Saunas
  • Bathroom/showers
  • Spa

They also suitable when doing outdoor activities like:

  • Sailing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Windsurfing
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Fishing
  • Weight training/exercise
  • Wake-boarding
  • Gardening
  • Lawn
  • Car-washing
  • Kayaking
  • Driving
  • Dancing
  • In the house

The sock can be worn inside the fin or boots for warmth. Also, protect skin from caused discomfort caused by rubbing and chafing from the fin.

What to consider when buying water socks

  • Material

When purchasing water socks, you need one that is made of water-resistant material.

You need a water sock that is made of a synthetic material which lightweight, dry quickly, and easily draw off the water.

Water socks made of a material that retains water end up making you feel cold and heavier.

  • Sole

Water socks are well known to have a fragile sole that’s why there are meant to be worn on low intensity and impact areas.

Since water sock is meant to be worn on areas that are slippery, you need to check whether the sole is anti-slip or has good traction.

It will protect from sliding and slipping on the wet environment.

Also, if you meant to use water socks on beaches choosing the one that has a thick sole or has added pad will protect you in case the beach has rocks.

  • Size

You need to buy water shoes that fit well, not a big size that will slide off from feet while walking or too tight that will make your feet feel cramped and pinched resulting in blisters.

  • Comfortable

Water socks are meant for both outdoor and indoor activities.

For outdoor activities, you need a sock that you will be able to balance on rocky places and fits well so as it won’t hurt your feet causing blisters.

  • Durable

Why buy a sock after wearing it once it is torn.

Also, water socks are not cheap the way people think so you need to buy a sock made of long-lasting material.

Also, the material is supposed to be sturdy to stand the condition you want to use them.

For instance, you need a water sock that has sturdy and thick sole if you are using it in beaches that have rocks otherwise if you buy the one with a weak sole you will wear it once and get torn.

Where to use the shoes

Water sock can be used in various places (read above where to use them).

For instance, if you are going wet spots make sure the sock is anti-slip or has traction.

On rocky places, you need a water sock that has a thick sole or added padding to protect your feet from harm.

On sandy places, you need a shoe that has simple sole and has elastic topline to prevent sand from getting inside.

How should water sock-fit?

Water sock should have a snug fit.

The loose size will allow sand and water to get inside the socks since it fits loosely resulting in being heavier.

Tight size might hurt and pinch your feet causing blisters.

Can you wear water socks together with water shoes?

Water socks are not supposed to be worn together with water shoes unless the water sock is thin. 

This is recommended when walking for long-distance or rock places.

Thick water sock is meant to be worn comfortably without water shoes.

Are water sock supposed to be cleaned?

Since water socks are designed to be worn in water areas, most people think they are not supposed to be washed.

They think they are always clean since they spend the most time on the fresh water.

The truth is freshwaters have a lot of bacteria that can cause your sock to have mold.

You need to rinse in clean water from the tap and dry out on direct sunlight.

Sometimes they require being cleaned using soap and water.

You can also use vinegar to remove bad odor and air dry.

It is crucial to have a good pair of water sock if you know you will walk on a rainy, snow day or through the sand.

They will help keep off your feet from hot sand or water. Hoping our review of the best water socks will help find a good pair.

Let us know whether the article has helped you find the right water sock below.

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