The best water softener with a reverse osmosis system

The system includes a whole-house water softener with a reverse osmosis system. A reverse osmosis drinking water system filters water in different stages that include sediment, activated carbon block, thin-film composite membrane, and post-inline carbon filters. It is capable of removing contaminants such as chlorine, lead, nitrates, chromium, arsenic, a range of toxic heavy metals, … Read more

Different Types of Water Softener Salt (Which one is best to use in your system)

The different types of water softener salt are one factor to take into account when purchasing a water softener. Salt is a must if you are using a salt-based water softener such as a traditional water softener, cabinet-style water softener, or twin tank water softener. There are two different types of water softener salt. Sodium … Read more

Best cabinet style water softener for your home

Want to enjoy the benefits of soft water but have limited space? You should not worry anymore, cabinet style water softener offers the same amount of softened water as traditional/convectional bulky salt-based water softener. The system is designed to provide soft water to space-challenged areas such as condos, under the sink, kitchen cupboards, apartments, boats, … Read more

Find The Difference Between a Water Conditioner & Water Softener

Water conditioners and softeners both work to address hard water and related scale problems in your home’s water supply. The difference is that a water softener does this by adding salt to the system, while a water conditioner uses electricity or electromagnetic waves to change the structure of hard water minerals. Continue reading to understand … Read more

Kenmore water softener reviews (Find out the parts and manual)

Kenmore water softener is a cabinet-style/compact water softener that removes water hardness using the ion exchange method. It is a well-known brand when it comes to home appliances. Kenmore company offers home appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, water treatment appliances, vacuum cleaners, grills, and washing machines. The company was established in 1913, and first, it … Read more

Kinetico water softener reviews-The Best Softening Solution For Your Home

The Kinetico water softener is a product of Kinetico Water Systems Corporation, which was founded in the 1970s by engineers Bill Prior and Jim Kewley of Newbury, Ohio. The company manufactures and offers commercial and residential water treatment systems. In 2006, the company was acquired by Axel Johnson Inc. and has become one of its … Read more

Nuvo water softener reviews – Affordable Soft Water for Your Home

The Nuvo water softener is one of the best salt-free water conditioners available on the market. It is also commonly known as a citric acid water softener. The salt-free water softener does not remove hard water minerals but retains them in water conditioning so they do not form scale on appliances.  The softener conditions hard … Read more

Waterboss water softener reviews (Find out the manual, and parts)

A waterboss water softener is another well-known brand when it comes to water softener systems. The company is American-owned, so its products are manufactured in the United States of America. Waterboss  water softener comparison The company has been there for the last 20 years, making compact or cabinet-style water treatment systems. It offers quality water … Read more