The Best Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher to Buy

Stainless steel water filter pitchers are a popular choice among people who want to drink clean, filtered water. These pitchers are made of stainless steel, and they come with a replaceable filter that is usually made of activated charcoal. The filters need to be replaced every few months, depending on the quality of the water. … Read more

How to choose the best water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher is one of the simplest water filtration systems. It requires no installation and low maintenance. However, choosing a water filter pitcher can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider, from the size of your family and how often you drink water to the type of contaminants that you are … Read more

The Best Alkaline water filter pitcher replacement cartridge that works

An alkaline water filter pitcher cartridge is designed to be used in alkaline water filter pitchers and dispensers. It is meant for stripping away contaminants in water and adding natural and healthy alkalizing minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. The cartridge does not last forever, and after some time, it requires replacement. This article … Read more

The Best water filter pitcher for hard water

The water filter pitcher for hard water uses ion exchange resin to remove scale and heavy metals like copper, lead, and mercury. Best water filter pitcher for hard water Water filter pitcher for hard water reviews Features This jug filters water in 7 stages, which consists of ion exchange resins, mineral balls, tourmaline, and carbon. … Read more

Best Carbon Block Water Filter Pitcher to buy in 2022

The carbon block water filter Pitcher uses an activated carbon block filter to remove contaminants from water. Activated carbon removes contaminants such as chlorine taste and odor, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and herbicides. The water filter jug is less costly and requires no installation or plumbing. Activated carbon block water filter pitcher comparison Also, imagine … Read more