The Best Countertop water filter replacement cartridges to buy

A countertop water filter is a point-of-use filtration system. After a certain period, the filter needs to be replaced. Replacing your filter Keep your countertop water filter operating at peak performance. What are the best countertop water filter replacement cartridges? Countertop water filter replacement cartridges comparison When should I change the counter water filter? Replacement … Read more

Most powerful Reverse osmosis booster pump for your home

Pressure is a key component when it comes to the traditional under-sink reverse osmosis system. An under-sink RO system requires a higher incoming water pressure for water to pass through the layers of the tiny membrane. The membrane needs an incoming water pressure of 50 psi in order for water to pass through. If you … Read more

High quality and durable Reverse osmosis replacement membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane is the heart of all reverse osmosis systems (including countertop, under sink, and tankless). Typically, all the systems come with the membrane but have a life expectancy of two years. After that, you need to replace it, and that’s where the reverse osmosis replacement membrane comes in. Reverse osmosis filters and … Read more

Best reverse osmosis kitchen faucet to upgrade your system

Upgrade your under-sink and tankless reverse osmosis systems by installing a reverse osmosis kitchen faucet. Reverse osmosis faucet comparisons What to consider when buying an RO faucet They are different types of faucets, but the reverse osmosis faucet is available in two designs. Difference between the non-air gap and air gap faucet The air gap … Read more

Reverse osmosis storage tank (Best pressurized)

An under-sink reverse osmosis system treats water slowly, so you need a storage tank that will collect purified water that is gradually treated. Without the tank, you can end up waiting a long time to fill a glass of water or a pot when you open the kitchen faucet. The tank collects water so you … Read more

Home Water quality test kit (for tap and well water)

Are you aware that you can test the quality of the water you use right at home? The simple, accurate, and low-cost way to screen your home tap and well water for the presence of contaminants is by using a home water quality test kit. The home water quality testing kit is for anyone to … Read more