Best whole house UV water purifier (light sterilizer)

A whole house UV water purifier is one of the most effective home water treatment systems that helps to inactivate or kill waterborne micro-organisms. Best whole house UV water purifier comparisons What is UV? UV stands for ultraviolet. It is a method of water purification that has a built-in ultraviolet lamp that emits ultraviolet light … Read more

10 Effects of hard water on your home and body

Hard water does not pose a health problem in our lives but can hurt our home appliances and body. Keep reading to find out the effects of hard water on your home and body. Hard water cause builds up on your plumbing fixtures and appliances Hard water has calcium and magnesium which create scale build-up … Read more

10 Best reusable water bottle

It is estimated millions of water bottles are thrown away every hour causing unwanted waste and are environmental hazards to the world. Having a reusable water bottle can save you a lot of money, keep the environment clean, and is economical for the whole world. That’s why we have prepared a review of the best reusable … Read more

How to Choose Reverse Osmosis System (the Best for Your Home)

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most common and effective water treatment technologies. They work by removing contaminants from water through a process of pressure and filtration. A reverse osmosis system is a water purification system that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from your entire home or at … Read more

Reverse Osmosis System Parts and Accessories (find the perfect match)

Except for changing filters and membranes, you also need to clean, sanitize, replace, upgrade, and maintain other parts and accessories of your reverse osmosis system. This helps to keep your reverse osmosis system up and running smoothly. We have prepared a list of reverse osmosis system parts. These reverse osmosis parts include connectors, a tank … Read more