How to choose the best water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher is one of the simplest water filtration systems. It requires no installation and low maintenance. However, choosing a water filter pitcher can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider, from the size of your family and how often you drink water to the type of contaminants that you are looking to remove from your drinking water. This article is a basic guide on how to choose the best water filter pitcher.

How to choose the best water filter pitcher

Here are nine tips to consider when buying a water filter pitcher

  • Contaminants in water

So know the contaminants in your water so that you choose the right pitcher that helps remove those contaminants.

If your water has a chlorine taste and odor, you need a filter pitcher that uses a carbon filter, such as an activated carbon water filter pitcher.

For hard water, there are pitchers that use ion exchange resin to soften hard water. Read more about water filter pitchers for hard water.

  • Size of the family

Water filter pitchers come in different sizes, from small, medium, and large. 

The bigger the family, the more water you will need, so you need a large pitcher.

Choose a pitcher that will have enough capacity for your family.

  • Material

They are made of BPA-free plastic, glass, and stainless steel

Choose a material that you are comfortable with.

  • Filtration stages

The water filter pitcher uses cartridges to treat the water. The cartridge has a combination of stages to treat the water.

The more the stages, the better the quality of the water you will get.

  • Maintenance cost

All water filter jugs use a cartridge. After some time, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

The cost of a replacement cartridge is something you should check. The replacement filter can be more costly than buying the whole pitcher.

  • Filter life

As said earlier, the water filter jug uses the filter or cartridge to treat water.

The filter does not last forever it needs to be replaced after using it for some time.

Some filters last for weeks, others for months, but this depends on water quality and the size of your household.

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  • Contaminants the filter removes

The main thing you should know before buying any water filter pitcher is the contaminant in your water.

Then buy the water filter pitcher that is capable of removing all those contaminants.

There is a pitcher that is meant to increase PH or if you need alkaline water. Read our review of the best alkaline water filter pitcher

Others remove chlorine and total water hardness.

Make sure you select the one that removes all contaminants in your water.

  • Independent body certification

The water filter jug is tested and certified by independent bodies such as NSF International or the Water Quality Association.

The product is tested and certified by an independent party to ensure it is capable of providing safe water for human consumption.

Choose the brand tested by the independent body and not those who keep on saying they have tested their product on their own at their individual lab.

Added features

  • Design

The pitcher is designed in different shapes and styles. Choose a shape or style that looks attractive to you, but make sure it removes all contaminants in the water.

  • Color

Some brands come in different colors you can decide to choose the color that matches your house or table.

  • Filter change indicator

One of the most confusing things when it comes to water filters is knowing when to change the cartridge.

Some brands have made this easier by including a feature on cartridges that alerts you when it’s time to change the cartridge.

 How does a water filter pitcher work?

It contains a jug and a cartridge.

The cartridge is meant to remove contaminants in your water, and the jug is where filtered water is stored waiting for consumption.

You fit the cartridge in the jug and add water directly from your tap on the upper part.

Place the jug on the countertop and leave the cartridge to do its work.

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