How to make magnetic water at home

Water can be magnetized and hold a magnetic charge.  Water in lakes, wells, and flowing streams is naturally charged by the earth’s magnetic field. However, water loses its magnetic charge as it travels through the treatment facilities and pipes. In this article, we will discuss how to make magnetic water at home.

How to make magnetic water at home

Magnetic water is a relatively new technology and most people are confused about how to obtain it.

You can obtain magnetic water by using a magnetic water wand stick

Passing water through magnetic water conditioners and electromagnetic water conditioners is not a way to make magnetic water at home but it is a magnetic water treatment method for scale prevention. Read about this method we have explained it below

How to make magnetic water using a magnetic water stick wand

A magnetic water stick wand is the only known technology that can help make magnetic water at home or on go.

Any liquid substance, including drinking water, can be magnetized using the magnetic wand.

How to use magnetic wand stick

  • Add water or any beverage of your choice to a glass (the liquid should be at room temperature or cooler)
  • Use the stick to stir for 30 seconds.

Magnetic water offers numerous health benefits such as getting rid of the toxins in the body, boosting immunity, and more.

Best magnetic stick wand for Magnetized Drinking Water Treatment

Magnetic wand
magnetic wand

The magnetic wand is used to magnetize drinking water or any liquid beverage. 

This wand contains 2000 gauss surface strength that takes 30 seconds to change the polarity of water to multi-polarity.

Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand
Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand

Serenity Magnetic Stir Stick Muddler Wand is used for magnetized drinking water.

This wand is 2″ (5cm) long and 5″(12.5cm) in diameter. It contains 12,500 gauss surface strength.

To obtain magnetized water you stir for 30 seconds for revitalized water.

Magnetic water treatment methods for scale prevention explained

Both magnetic and electronic water conditioners are magnetic water treatment methods for scale prevention. The device is placed on the side of the water piper and all the water that passes through changes the structure that causes hard water.

This method does not leave you with magnetic water but with soft water that does not cause scale on house plumbing and appliances.

This type is not like traditional or cabinet-style water softeners that use resin and salt to soften water. In magnetic and electromagnetic water conditioners no salt or resin is added to condition your water.

Magnetic and electromagnetic water conditioners do not soften water or remove water minerals such as calcium and magnesium; they just alter and weaken the structure of hard water minerals so as not to create scale build-up.

The best magnetic and electronic water conditioners I would recommend are

P3 water conditioner

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This is a PVC and ceramic ferrite magnet that polarize salt molecules in hard water, therefore, prevents lime-scale buildup.

It fits any standard 3/4-inch water pipe; no batteries or moving parts.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler 

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler 

Eddy produces an electromagnetic wave which is applied through two coils placed around the incoming water supply line. The water that passes through the coils is subjected to an ever-changing magnetic field. This alters the adhesion properties of the limescale so that it no longer deposits on clean surfaces, inside pipework, and appliances.

How to store magnetic water

Once you have made your magnetic water at home you can store your water in a jug or glass but remember magnetic water stays magnetized or last for 48 hours. After that, you won’t enjoy the benefit of magnetic water because the water will go back to its normal state.

Is water magnetic?

Water is not magnetic. A magnet is something that produces a magnetic field that attracts and repels. Water is made up of molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, meaning they have no property that allows them to produce a magnetic field. Water can only be magnetized using a magnetic wand stick. To obtain magnetized water you stir the magnetic wand stick for 30 seconds.

Are magnetic water safe?

When water is exposed to magnetic fields there is an improvement in quality. This process changes the molecular structure of the water, making it more alkaline and reducing its surface tension. Because magnetized water is more alkaline and boosts our body’s pH, the body can more easily rid itself of contaminants. Therefore, drinking magnetized water is safe for humans and animals.

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