How to make water alkaline at home (8 ways)

Buying alkaline water from your nearest store or online is expensive. If you don’t want to spend money on buying bottled alkaline water, we will teach you simple, natural ways to make water alkaline.

Quick pick

  1. Using baking soda
  2. Use of lemon juice
  3. Use of PH drops
  4. Water filter pitcher or jug
  5. The multi-stage water filter system
  6. Water ionizer
  7. use of lemon slices and Himalayan salt.
  8. Use lemon and water.
  9. alkaline water filter bottle.
  10. Use apple cider vinegar.
  11. Use cucumber
  12. Use of an alkaline stick

Here are simple ways to make water alkaline at home

  1. Using baking soda
How to make water alkaline at home using baking soda

Using baking soda is one of the most well-known methods that people use to increase the pH of their water at home.

Use 1/8 tablespoon (600mg) of baking soda and add it to 8 ounces (0.237 liters) of filtered or purified water.

Shake until the baking soda dissolves.

Caution: baking soda is high in sodium, so if you are on a special diet that requires the use of less salt, then this method is not ideal for you.

Best baking soda

  1. Use of lemon juice

Use 1/8 tablespoon of lemon juice and add it to 8 ounces of filtered water.

  1. Use of PH drops

PH drops help raise the level of your standard water to an alkaline level.

Add a few drops of PH drop to each glass of filtered water.

Best PH drops

 NameImageingredientswhere to buy
1Alkazone Make Your Own Alkaline Water Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, and CalciumAmazon
2ALKAZONE Balance Your pH (Antioxidants Alkaline Mineral Booster & Supplements) (Single)Potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, potassium lactate, tripotassium phosphate, calcium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, and aminozoneAmazon
3Alkalife Alkaline pH Booster Drops, 1.25 oz Bottledistilled water, potassium hydroxide, and sodium hydroxide.Amazon

4Trace Minerals Research natural occurring Ionic Sea Minerals and varying trace mineralsAmazon
5Anderson's Sea M.D. Concentrated Trace Mineral DropsPure Great Salt Lake concentrateAmazon
6Dr. Arenanders BrainGain Formulas Trace Minerals - Fulvic Minerals - Alkaline Drops  Potassium and sodiumAmazon
7AlkaMax Alkaline Booster drops by Natural Balance Magnesium (as Magnesium Chloride), Chloride (as Magnesium Chloride), Deionized water and trace mineral complex.Amazon
8Swanson Alkaline Booster ph Protector Drops Water, CAW Michelle (sodium meta silicate, sulfates castor oil, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate), fossilized Organics from refined lignite.Amazon
9Doctor care plus pH Alkaline Water Dropspotassium, magnesium, chloride, and naturally alkaline fruit extracts watermelon and lime.Amazon
10Liph Solutions Ultimate pH Balance Purified water, Modified Liquid Silicon DioxideAmazon
11ALKAVITA HEALTHY WATER DROPSAlkahydroxy TM. Modified Liquid Silicate (Si), concentrate and purified water RO UV. Amazon
  1. Alkaline water filter pitcher or jug

An alkaline water filter pitcher is a jug that comes with an alkaline filter.

The filter removes contaminants and then, at the final stages, adds minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which make your water have high PH levels.

Best alkaline water filter jug

 NameImagePH levelcapacityReplacement filterFilter lifeWhere to buy
1Lake Industriesup to 9.5 2.5 litersLake Industries replacement cartridge150 liters/ 40 gallons, 2 months.Buy from Amazon
2Naples Naturals N/A10 cupsNaples Naturals replacement cartridge70 gallons or 45-60 daysBuy from Amazon
3DRAGONN8.5-9.53.5 litersDRAGONN Cartridge ReplacementN/ABuy from Amazon
4Ehmup to 9.53.5litersReplacement Cartridge for Ultra Premiumafter 300 litersBuy from Amazon
5Invigorated Waterup to 102.5 Liters/84 OZReplacement Water Filter By Invigorated Water1500 cups/360 litres/96 gallonsBuy from Amazon
6claroN/A3.5litersClaro Replacement Filter after two monthsBuy from Amazon
7New Wave Enviro8.5-9.510 cupsNew Wave Enviro replacement filter64 gallonsBuy from Amazon
8Santevia Water SystemsN/A2.1liters or 9 Santevia Water Systems replacement cartridge1, 250 (8oz) glasses/ 80 gallons/300 liters or every 2 monthsBuy from Amazon
9Seychelle pH2O9.564 ozSeychelle pH2O Replacement cartridge100 gallonsBuy from Amazon
10OXA8.5-102.5 L/10 cupsOXA Replacement Filters 2400 cups / 153 gallons / 600 litres.Buy from Amazon
11Wellblue8.7-103.5litersWellBlue Alkaline Replacement Filters300 liters/70gallonsBuy from Amazon
12Hskyhan Up to 8-103.5 litersHskyhan Replacement Filters300 ouncesBuy from Amazon
13Reshape N/A10 cups/3.5 litersReshape Water Replacement Filters 75 days/300 liters /79 gallonBuy from Amazon

How the jug work

  • The jug comes with a filter that works in different stages to treat your water.
  • You add water to the top of the jug.
  • The water passes through the first stages of the filter where the contaminants in the water are removed.
  • After removal of the contaminants, the water then goes through another stage called remineralization where important minerals such as magnesium and others are added.
  • The treated water goes to the bottom of the jug, which is now ready for use.

  1. A multi-stage water filter system

Most water filter systems are known for removing contaminants in water such as chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, and particulate.

There are water filter systems that have multi-stage treatments that include different layers of treated water.

Within the stages, there is the last stage known as remineralization, where a small number of minerals such as calcium and magnesium are released into the water to increase the pH level.

The system includes a countertop alkaline water filter like (APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter – Alkaline White), a faucet water filter like (Invigorated water), a reverse osmosis system like (iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb Taste High Capacity Under Sink Reverse Osmosis)

Best systems

  1. Water ionizer

A water ionizer is a machine that works by separating negative and positive electrodes in water.

The system returns the water in two ways: one acidic and one alkaline.

One disadvantage of using water ionizers is that they produce water that has a PH of up to 12, which is too high for human consumption.

The best water ionizer machines

1Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 *PH levels-3.0-11.5*Antioxidant potential -860 to +1000*LCD -color LCD screen *Self cleaning *9 Platinum titanium plates * Filter that treats 4,000 Liters *Voltage - 110V*Warranty-Limited lifetime
Buy from Amazon
Buy at quality water treatment
2IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 *PH levels-adjustable PH levels *Antioxidant potential -up to -800 *LCD - color LCD screen*Self-cleaning *5 Platinum titanium plates *Activated carbon fiber (ACF) Filter and treats 6,000-12,000 Liters (approx. 1,500-3,000 gallons) *Voltage -110V/60Hz (220V available upon request) *Warranty-2 yearsBuy from Amazon
3Irayer Alkaline Water Ionizer*PH levels-3.0 to 11.0 pH *Antioxidant potential -800 to +500 ORP *LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *11 Platinum titanium plates *Filter that treats 8,000 Liters (approx. 1,500-3,000 gallons) *Voltage -220VBuy from Amazon
4Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine*PH levels- 2.0 to 12.0 pH*Antioxidant potential -+600 to -800*LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *7 Platinum titanium plates *Filter that treats 5,000 liters/1320 gallons*Voltage -110V *Warranty-lifetimeBuy from Amazon
5aQuasafe Home Water Ionizer *PH levels-2.8 to 11.0 pH *Antioxidant potential -up to -800mv*LCD - color LCD screen*Self-cleaning *11 Platinum titanium plates *Filter that treats 8,000 liters *Voltage -110V/50Hz *Warranty-12 monthsBuy from Amazon
6Health wiser Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine*PH levels-3.0 to 11.5 pH *Antioxidant potential -N/A *LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *2 Platinum titanium plates *Two Filter *Voltage -110V/50Hz*Warranty-lifetimeBuy from Amazon
7Rhorawill Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine*PH levels-4.0 to 10.5 pH*Antioxidant potential -Up to -680mV *LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *3 Platinum titanium plates * Filter that treats 9,000 liters/1-year*Voltage Max. 150W, AC110V~240V *Warranty-2 yearsBuy from Amazon
8AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine*PH levels-3.5 to 10.5 pH*Antioxidant potential -Up to -500mV *LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *5 Platinum titanium plates * Filter that treats 6,000Liters *Voltage -AC110V-240V 50/60HZBuy from Amazon
9AlkaDrops LED Water Ionizer Purifier Machine*PH levels-4.5 to 10 pH*Antioxidant potential-+300 ~ - 500mV*LCD - color LCD screen *Self-cleaning *5 Platinum titanium plates * No Filter *Voltage-110V-240V 50/60HZ*Warranty-N/ABuy from Amazon
10AQUALKA Water Ionizer & Purifier Machine*PH levels-3.5 to 10.5 pH *Antioxidant potential-600 ~ -500mV*LCD - color LCD screen*Self-cleaning *5Platinum titanium plates * Filter that treats 1,585 gallons (6000L) /up to 1-year *Voltage -110V~220V 50Hz*Warranty-5yearsBuy from Amazon
11Water Ionizer Delphi H2 by AlkaViva - Undersink Water MachineOrigin: South Korea
Weight: 25 lbs.
Dimensions: 9 3/8″ Tall | Long Spout: 5 1/2″ | Short Spout: 4 1/2″
Electrodes: 9 Platinum / Titanium
Electrolysis Method: H2 Infusion Technology
Cleaning: DARC II Cleaning System – Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
Filter Replacement: UltraWater + Pre-Filter
Buy at quality water treatment
12Water Ionizer Melody II by AlkaViva – Alkaline Water MachinePH level: 4.5 to 10
Filter: Dual ultra-water filtration system
ORP: -400 +/- mV
Electrode plate-5 smart electrode
Platinum source-Japan
DARC automatic cleaning
Buy at quality water treatment
13Kangen Water Machine Leveluk K8Platinum Alkaline Water IonizerCOLOR: White
Negative ORP (mV): – 800
pH Range: 2.5 – 11.5
Production rate (l/min): Kangen Water®: 4.5 – 7.6, Acidic Water: 1.5 – 2.6, Strong Acidic Water: 0.6 – 1.1
Generates: 5 water type
Wattage: 230
Total Weight (kg): 5
Dimension WHD: (mm) 345 x 279 x 147
Production rate (l/min) with 100 kPA Kangen Water®: 4.5 – 7.6, Acidic Water: 1.5 – 2.6, Strong Acidic Water: 0.6 – 1.1
Display language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin (display and audio)
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14Life Water Ionizer MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen MachineCounter Top or Under Counter Installation
15 XL Matrix GRID™ Plates
800 Watts XL Power™ SMPS
Life MicroMembrane™ Technology
1.7 – 12.2 pH Range
Up to -703 ORP at Drinkable 9.5 pH
Lifetime Warranty
Buy at quality water treatment
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15Life Water Ionizer MXL-11 Under Counter Alkaline Hydrogen Water IonizerCounter Top or Under Counter Installation
11 XL Matrix GRID™ Plates
800 Watts XL Power™ SMPS
Life MicroMembrane™ Technology
2.0 – 12.0 pH Range
Up to -559 ORP at Drinkable 9.5 pH
Lifetime Warranty
Buy at quality water treatment
16Tyent ACE-11 Counter-Top Extreme Water IonizerNegative ORP Levels: Up to -1050*
pH Levels: 1.7-12.0*
Buy at quality water treatment
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17Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Water IonizerNegative ORP Levels: Up to -1050*
pH Levels: 1.7-12.0*
Plates: Solid/Mesh Hybrid 11 plates dipped and baked.
Power Settings: 4 Alkaline, 3 Acidic, 1 Turbo (for both alkaline and acidic output) 1 Neutral. Fully adjustable with 99 presets per level.
Buy at quality water treatment
Buy Amazon
  1. Use of lemon slices and Himalayan salt

You will use

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt


  • Put 64 oz of clean, filtered water in a jug. Clean the lemon and cut it into pieces.
  • Add the pieces of clean lemon to the water without squeezing the juice.
  • Then add 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt and cover.

Let the mixture sit overnight (12 hours)

Your water is ready for drinking.

  1. Use of lemon and water

Put 64 oz of filtered water in the jug.

Cut one clean lemon into pieces and add it to the water.

Do not squeeze the lemon, just place the lemon in the water.

Cover the water and let it sit for 12 hours.

  1. Alkaline water filter bottle

An alkaline water filter bottle is another way to make ionized water while traveling, at the office, hiking, shopping, or on vacation.

The bottle has a filtration system that increases the water PH level and at the same time removes contaminants.

The best alkaline water filter bottle.

 NameImagePH Levelcapacityfilter lifeBuy from     
1Hi-Life Ph 9550ml30 gallonsAmazon
2Gosoit Hydrogen 7.2-9.5300ml/11oz3-6monthsAmazon
4Invigorated water Glass300/400ml300 cups/16 gallons/72 litersAmazon
5Divine9.5400ml365 usesAmazon
6Seychelle pH2O 9.528 oz100 gallonsAmazon
7EHM Ultra7+ to 9.5600/550ml300 cups (16 gallons)Amazon
8PH conscious16oz, 450ml300 cups/16 gallons/72 litres Amazon
9DYLN living 925.4 oz, 750ml400 fillAmazon
10invigorated water stainless steel 400/650/950300 cups/16 gallons/72 litersAmazon
11i-water BM 8.5380/600/1400 ml1 yearAmazon
12DYLN Insulated9.532 oz315 refills/300 LAmazon
  1. How to make alkaline water with apple cider vinegar

You will need 500mililiter/16ounces of water and ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Mix both and stir. It is ready

  1. How to make alkaline water with cucumber

You will need a few slices of cucumber and 500 milliliters of water/16ounces.

Combine both and give the cucumber time to seep into the water.

You can prepare it in the morning before you sleep, and it will be ready in the morning.

  1. Use of Alkaline sticks

The alkaline stick contains natural ingredients that help regulate PH levels.

Best alkaline water sticks

 NameImageingredientsWhere to buy
1EHM Small Portable Alkaline Water Stick Hydrogen Mineral PurifierTourmaline Stone, Maifanshi Stone, Far-Infrared Stone, Nano-Silver Powder, Calcium Ion Stone Amazon

2Power Ionic Health Ion Alkaline Water Purifier Stick pH Ionizertourmaline ceramics, water-soluble calcium carbonate, coral fossil, dichloride ceramics, natural ores, and black stoneAmazon
3NewCell Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer StickNatural mineralsAmazon

4Eletop Alkaline Water Stick, Nano Energy Stick, Alkaline Water Ionizertourmaline stone, maifanshi-stone, far infrared stone, nano silver powder, Calcium ion, and StoneAmazon

5Amsper Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer Stick tourmaline stone, Maifanshi-stone, Far-infrared stone, and nano silver powderAmazon
6HailiCare 4pcs Portable Alkaline Water Ionizertourmaline ceramics, water-soluble calcium carbonate, coral fossil, dechlorine ceramics, and black stone Amazon
7Bioexcel Portable Water Ionizer Alkaline Water StickTourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stones Amazon
8Goodlee Water Purifier Filter, Alkaline Water Stick  Tourmaline, maifanite, Anion energy stone, Far-Infrared Stone, Calcium Ion Stone, and 13 Minerals Amazon
9SANTEVIA a408 Water bottle mineralizermineral balls and chlorine reduction ball Amazon

All the above methods can help make reverse osmosis water alkaline.

Before trying to make water alkaline at home, test your water to know the PH level using the PH test kit or digital PH meter.

How to test the water

  • Fetch water from the tap and put it in the glass.
  • Use the PH kit, which comes with a strip and color chart.
  • Dip the strip in water and wait for a moment.
  • Compare the colors on the strip with the colors on the chart.

Water from the tap is at 7 levels if the level is below 7 it is acidic and above 7 is Alkaline.

Using the above methods is more affordable, easy, and long-term compared to buying bottled water.

The ways also help reduce the wastage of plastic bottles in our environment.

Do you know any effective ways to make water alkaline at home? If so, please share the idea with us using the comment box below.


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