Kinetico water softener reviews (premier, signature, and essential series)

Kinetico water softener is a product of Kinetico Water Systems Corporation which was founded by engineer Bill Prior and Jim Kewley from Newbury, Ohio in the 1970s.

Kinetico water softener reviews

The company manufactures and sell water treatment system for both residential and commercial.

In 2006 the company was acquired by Axel Johnson Inc and had become one of the subsidiaries.

The company is known to manufacture water softener, reverse osmosis system, and water filtration system.

Since the company makes a variety of water treatment system in this article, we will discuss Kinetico water softener reviews.

When it comes to the water softener, the company is the first one to manufacture twin tank water softener and utilizes demand initiated regeneration.

Also, the softener regenerates without electricity. So the company is famously known for twin tank water softener.

Why choose Kinetico water softener

  • Kinetico has innovative non-electric twin tank

Twin tanks mean both tanks regenerate on different times.

So when one tank is regenerating the other tank is continuous, providing your home with softened water.

It is not like single tank water softener during the regeneration time you will be supplied with hard water until it is finished.

So with Kinetico twin tank, you will get softened water 24/7.

  • Saves energy

As the name suggests, Kinetico comes from the word kinetic.

The company has non-electric Premier Compact Water Softener, which uses water kinetic energy to power the system.

It relies on moving water as a source of energy.

  • Saves water and salt

Kinetico water softener utilizes demand initiation regeneration, which learns your home water usage and regenerates when necessary.

  • Over 45 years of knowledge

Kinetico Water System Corporation has been in the market for more than 45 years providing water solution problems.

All those years, there have acquired good knowledge, expertise, and experience in the water solutions market.

When it comes to experience Kinetico water softener has installed a water treatment system to places like Buckingham Palace, Thames water, Savoy hotel, and NHS hospitals.

  • Kinetico water softener has the largest dealer in the United Kingdom

Kinetico water softener has the largest authorized dealer of the water softener in the united kingdom.

The dealer is independently owned and is operated by professionals who know your water.

  • Experienced experts

Also, the Kinetico water expert is fully trained to recommend the right system that will solve your water problem and help to install.

  • Quality and warranty

Kinetico water softener is made of quality material built to last.

Also, to guarantee safety and quality, the Kinetico products are fully compliant with Water quality association (WQA), National sanitary foundation (NSF) and ACS regulatory standards and WRAS in the UK.

Some of the Kinetico product like Premier Compact Water Softener comes with a 10 -year warranty.

How does Kinetico water softener work?

Kinetico water softener treats water using Ion exchange process.

Kinetico water softener reviews

The company offers a variety of water softener which includes:

  • Kinetico premier series softener
  • Kinetico signature series
  • Kinetico essential series

Kinetico premier series softener

Kinetico premier series water softener

Kinetico premier series softener is designed for homes with high water use and suitable for up to 3-bedrooms.

The softener has non-electric twin tank this guarantees the supply of soft water throughout.

The twin tank means the tank regenerate at different times.

When one tank is regenerating the other one is providing the house with clean water.

Kinetico premier series water softener is non-electrical it is powered by moving water

It has a 10 – year warranty on parts and utilizes on-demand regeneration.

Kinetico signature series

kinetico signature series water softener

Kinetico signature series is non-electric dual tank water softener.

It is powered with by water flow.

So no electricity is required for this system to operate.

It utilizes on-demand regeneration.

The system can learn your water usage and determine when the right time to regenerate.

This is a more significant saving on salt and water.

Signature series water softener regenerates using soft water counter current regeneration.

With soft water regeneration, the system prevents brine water from entering the household water supply.

 Kinetico essential series

kinetico essential series water softener

Kinetico essential series- water softener makes use of on-demand regeneration.

Meaning monitors your water usage and regenerates on itself.

In addition to regeneration, the system regenerates using counter-current.

The countercurrent means it regenerates from bottom up.

It has a single tank which delivers soft water majority of the time and only interrupted a brief regeneration time.

This system operates using the power of moving water. So no electricity is needed.

Where to purchase Kinetico water softener

If you are considering buying Kinetico water softener, you can request a quick quote from Local Kinetico expert who will contact you with prices and guide you the right option of products.

Find local expert here.

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Kinetico water softener reviews