Sources of Water on the Earth’s Surface (with Pictures)

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Water is one of the most essential commodities on the planet, and all living things, including animals, birds, insects, and humans, require it to survive. Water is used in agriculture, cooking, construction, cleaning, and even recreation. There are numerous sources of water, but the six most common are listed below:

sources of water

Common sources of water

  • River
  • Lake
  • Rainwater
  • Underground water, such as springs and wells
  • Pond
  • Oceans
  • Melting ice
  1. Rainwater
Rain water

Rainwater occurs naturally on the earth’s surface. Rainwater is formed when water evaporates from the earth’s water bodies. The water rises into vapor, forms clouds, and falls again onto the earth’s surface as rain.

Rainwater is used for household use and irrigation.

  1. River
River sources of water

Rivers are natural channels through which water flows to another river or a larger body of water. There are numerous rivers all over the world.

The river supplies water for wild and domestic animals, farming, hydropower generation, transportation, and the fishing industry. It also serves as a tourist attraction.

River water is also used for bathing and cleaning by humans. It could become clean and safe for cooking and drinking if properly filtered.

  1. Lake

Another source of water is lakes. There are two types of lakes: saltwater and freshwater. There are millions of lakes around the world that provide water for transportation, tourist attractions, the fishing industry, farming, and, if properly treated, providing cooking and drinking water.

  1. Ponds

Ponds are shallow bodies of water that are typically smaller than lakes. Some ponds form naturally, while others are created by humans. Ponds provide water for irrigation and fish farming.

  1. Oceans

Another source of water is the ocean. The world has five oceans. The oceans produce salty water that is unfit for human consumption. To remove salt and purify ocean water, some countries use purification techniques such as reverse osmosis, desalination, and water softener systems.

Oceans supply water for transportation, tourist attractions, recreation, and marine life.

  1. Underground water
Underground sources of water

Underground water is water found beneath the earth’s surface. This water comes from the earth’s surface through digging wells or natural springs.

Underground water provides water for irrigation and household needs.

Also, springs are used as religious sites, tourist attractions, and recreational purposes.

Wells water has a lot of contaminants and requires a filtration process to remove them.

Such filtration systems include:

  1. Melting snow

Snow occurs several seasons in a year. When it melts the water runoff at the lakes, rivers, or collection points.

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