Home Water quality test kit (for tap and well water)

Are you aware that you can test the quality of water you use right at home? The simple, accurate, and low-cost way to screen your home tap and well water for the presence of contaminants is by using a home water quality testing kit.

Home Water quality test kit

The home water quality testing kit is for anyone to use without any experience or expert knowledge.

The kit helps test water from wells, taps, municipal and spring water.

What to consider when buying home water quality testing kit

  • Contaminants it checks

A water testing kit is meant to test a wide variety of contaminants, so make sure you are aware of what contaminants the kit tests before buying.

  • Types of the water test kit

There are three different types of the water test kit, this include

  1. Test strip
  2. Digital TDS meter
  3. Color disk

Test strip

The test strip is the most affordable and easy method to test water quality at home.

You only need to dip the test strip in the water, swirl in the water and wait for some minute, remove from water and shake to remove excess water.

Wait for the kit to change color.

Compare the color with the color chart provided with the test kit.

The test kit is commonly used to test lead, pesticide, bacteria, copper, arsenic, cysts, viruses, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, fluoride, water hardness, PH, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and iron.

Best water test strips


Digital TDS meter

The digital TDS meter is an accurate method to test water quality at home.

Most digital meters test total dissolved solids (TDS), PH, electricity conductivity (EC), and temperature.

The meter is easy to use you just switch it on, dip the probe in water, and stir water gently. Wait for the results to be displayed on the LCD screen.

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Color disk

The color disk is not common as most people say it is complicated to work on.

The color disk kit comes with powder chemical/reagent packed in a sachet or liquid packed in a small bottle, test tube, viewing box, and plastic disk with color printed on it.

How to use disk

Put sample water in the test tube and add the reagent.

Put the test tube with a mixture of water and reagent in the viewing box

Wait for water in the tube to change color.

Rotate the viewing box until the color matches that of water.

Then match with that of a disk

Best Hach color disc test kit

When choosing the water quality test kit, choose the type that is user friendly and tests most contaminants.

  • Water source

There are different sources of water: taps, wells, springs, boreholes, ponds, and rainwater.

Make sure you know where the water test kit is suitable. Some are meant specifically for well water, others for tap water only.

  • Testing procedure

The testing procedure of the water quality test kit can vary from one kit to another. Make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the right results.

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