Water softener system cost (Unit and installation price)

The only solution if you live in areas with hard water is installing a water softener, but so many people are confused about which system is best for their home and how much does a water softener system cost.

Water softener system cost

In this article we will answers:

  • How much does a water softener system cost
  • Water softener installation cost

Water softener system cost

There are so many factors that affect final water softener system cost. This includes:

Type of softener used

There are different types of softener and each type cost differently.

An ion exchange water softener is also known as a conventional water softener.

This type has been there in days and uses salt to soften your water.

They cost from $500 to more than $1500 in an average-sized home.

The cost is only for the machine itself, but there are other extra costs of ion exchange which includes maintenance, installation, and repair we have discussed below. For a larger home can go as high as $10,000

Salt-free water conditioner ranges from $1200 to $3000 

The electric water conditioner cost as little as $100 and more than $1,000.

The cost of the system can be scary, keep in mind the saving  and benefits you will have for a lifetime.

Also most of water softener has a lifespan of about 15 years to 20.

Remember before buying whichever type of water softener find out exactly your water hardness level so that you buy the right you unit to remove enough hardnes in your water.

Learn how to test your water hardness at home

Water softener size

The size of the water softener you need to soften your water depends on the level of hardness and number of people using the water.

If your water supply is very hard, you need a good system that will solve the problem which sometimes can be costly.

You can use the water hardness test kit to know your water hardness level, or if you are using piped water, you can ask the water department to provide with detailed information.

How much water you use can affect the cost of your unit. The more the number of people in your family the more gallon of water needs to be softened the higher the price of your system.

The system prices depend on a gallon per grain the more the gallon, the higher the price.

Most sizes are from 24,000 grains up to 80,000 grains as you go up the price increases.

Water supply hardness

If your water supply is very hard, it requires a more effective system to treat your water so the harder the water, the more costly the system you need.

Water softener installation cost 

Most people hire professionals to install a system in their house due to some plumbing issues such as soldering, cutting and joining steel pipe. The cost can be between $800- $3000 this depends on the size of the house.

Finding a qualified water softener professionals.

If your home is well plumbed the cost is less but if the older house with poor plumbed the cost can be high.

Also, some brands include the cost of installation in combination with the value of the system.

The installation cost also depends on the type of system you have chosen. An ion exchanger is more complicated to install, so it cost more than electronic conditioner and salt-free water softener.

When it comes to installation cost, some materials may be needed to fix the system.

Extra features

Some of the water softeners come with additional features such as an iron filter or sediment filter.

Some of these extra features might be beneficial or unnecessary for you, therefore, affecting the price of water. 

The softener with more advanced technology and additional features cost more than the essential water softener.

Water supply

Your water supply can affect the cost of the water softener.

If your water supply is tap water this water is already treated so you require simple treatment which is cheap.

in case you water source is private well water. The well water is water with high concentartion of unwanted minerals and iron. Such source will cost you more in a month to treat your water.


There are different water softener brand available in the market. Each brand has its own price some are more costly than the others.

After-sale service

Except for initial purchase costs for the system/machine, some company has additional charges for delivery of the system, initial set-up, maintenance cost, and repairs.

Ask all those extra costs before you purchase.

Maintenance cost

Like any other home appliance, water softener requires regular maintenance.

It’s not a set and forget gadget.

A salt-based water softener or ion exchangers need to be added salt regularly you can choose from hiring company to do that or do it yourself.

The salt-based water softener requires you purchase salt and resin whenever you need to add.

If you live in area where the water has iron you need water softener cleaner after every 3-4 months to clean your resin beads.

The brine tank and resin tank need to be cleaned after every year you can do it yourself or hire someone.

There are also water softener parts that need to be replaced after sometime when they wore out.

You can decide to use a water softener that does not use salt or resin like salt-free water softener  but it requires replacement of the cartridge.

Water conditioners only consume electricity so they is no much in maintenance.

Type of water softener salt

This is applicable only on salt based water softener which requires electricity to operate.

There are two types of water softener salt potassium and sodium.

Sodium is the most commonly available, and the price is less high compared to potassium it costs $5 for a 40-pound bag.

Potassium is not easy to find, and it costs $27 for a 40-pound bag.

The water softener that uses only potassium chloride can be more expensive than sodium chloride.

How much did it cost to install a water softener? Please share with us below even if is an average cost.

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